Experience the joy of electric skateboarding without the learning curve or expensive entry price. The Headless Electric Cruiser is a refreshing spin on what it means to be an electric skateboard.

No remote, No problem!

Kick, Press, Go

Lightweight Champion

Look Ma, No Hands


Our proprietary motor control system maximizes the fun, maintaining speeds up to 12 miles per hour and for trips up to 6 miles per charge.

"It is just like riding a normal skateboard and that's what makes it so cool."

"I'm grinning from ear to ear. I've never ridden an electric skateboard before and I got the hang of this in 2 seconds"

"Holy $#!@ -- this thing is fun!"


The Electric Cruiser is in late-stage development and subject to some minor specification changes as we finalize the design. We promise that those changes will only be for the better -- smoother ride, anyone?


>> Range: Up to 6 miles

>> Top Speed: Up to 12 miles per hour

>> Motor: DC Brushed (dual-bearing)

>> Power: 200 Watts

>> Control: Single deck-mounted Button

>> Deck Size: 22 x 5.5 inches (56 x 14cm)

>> Wheels: 60mm Diameter

>> Weight: 5.5 pounds (2.5kg)


When is the product expected to ship? We currently anticipate starting to deliver boards in February 2020. We will ship out pre-orders in the order that they were received.

Does the rider size and weight affect performance? Not really -- our team includes persons between 5'8" and 6'6" and there were negligible differences. Deck space is limited so people with gigantic feet will have less standing room on the board.

Can I go faster or farther if I kick the board more often or harder? Yes, absolutely, but individual results will vary based on frequency and strength of the additional pushes.

Is the board designed for adults or kids? Both! This board has been designed for both young and old; anyone who enjoys riding a cruiser board will feel right at home.

Does the board come with a warranty? We offer a 12-month manufacturer warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

What is your cancellation and return policy? You can cancel your pre-order for a full refund up until we start shipping. Returns are accepted for 15 days after delivery of the product.


It all started in early-2019 when a couple of engineers started experimenting with strapping electric motors onto small plastic cruiser skateboards to ride around the office. They were fun, addictive and exciting even though they weren't as powerful as most electric skateboards. Headless boards was born to challenge the status quo and make electric skateboarding easy and affordable enough for the masses.